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Come and Sing Evensong
18.30, Wednesday 3rd May

Our next Come and Sing Evensong will be on 17th May and I hope to see lots of you there. The music will be:

Ayleward Responses
Dyson in D
O rex gloriae (Marenzio)

The arrangements are as usual: everyone is welcome - rehearsal at 17.30 (or as soon after that as you can make it if you’re rushing from work) for a 18.30 service, with refreshments in church afterwards, then to the pub!

No dress code, no audition, no commitment. Drop me a line on if you can so I can make sure we have enough chairs, wine and copies (not necessarily in that order), or to be added to the mailing list - and please spread the word! Just to emphasise that all are welcome, and we love seeing new faces month on month.

The next service after this will be on Wednesday 28th June.

I hope to see lots of you very soon.

Jessica Stewart

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